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Protect Your Yard, Family, and Pets from Pesky Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be the ultimate party crashers, turning your backyard haven into an uncomfortable area for you, your family, and your pets. At Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County, mosquito control and prevention is what we do. We offer a treatment solution that will effectively eliminate and repel mosquitoes from your yard all season long.

Traditional Barrier Treatment

Our standard barrier treatment will help eliminate and repel mosquitoes for up to 21 days. A typical treatment takes as little as 10 to 15 minutes to create a barrier, will eliminate mosquitoes on contact, and continues to drive them from your yard. Additionally, the treatment leaves a residue on leaves and other shrubs throughout the yard, which will eliminate new mosquitoes who feed on them. Our experienced technicians strategically spray your property, targeting places where populations prefer to harbor for a secure prevention solution that protects your family and pets from the annoyances and dangers of mosquitoes.

Natural Treatment Option

If you prefer an alternative, we have what you need with our all-natural mosquito repellant treatment. Our natural spray is made up of essential oils, is applied every 14 days (as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our Barrier Protection Treatment), and produces an odor that disorientates and repels mosquitoes in your yard.

Why Choose Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County?

  • Professional, Experienced Technicians – Our licensed and experienced technicians provide excellent service, even when you’re not at home. If you can’t be there for your scheduled treatment our technicians will leave notice so you will be aware when the treatment was done.
  • EPA Registered Products – All of our products are EPA registered and applied by licensed and trained technicians according to product label guidelines. After a short 30-minute drying time, your yard will be ready for play, while the residue continues to do its work.
  • Free Consultations – We work with our customers to provide the best possible treatment for their pest problems.

  • Contact us today to receive your free consultation and get your yard back to into shape this season.

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