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Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control Services

Will your yard treatment eliminate all mosquitoes and ticks?

No yard treatment can be 100% effective. If neighboring yards are not protected, you may have a few stray mosquitoes and ticks that may trespass into your yard. What we can guarantee is that you will see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes and ticks—up to 90% with our traditional solution—in your yard or we will retreat your yard for free.

Is the Mosquito Squad treatment safe?

All our products are EPA registered and are applied by licensed and trained technicians according to product label guidelines. Your children and pets can return to your yard 30 minutes after treatment, to allow it to dry. Plus; it provides them with protection against the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks for up to 21 days. If prefered, we also offer an all-natural treatment made of essential oils that will repel adult mosquitoes and ticks for up to 14 days. With either solution, reapplication is recommended for ongoing prevention.

Will I know when your technicians are arriving to treat my yard?

You will be notified at least 24 hours before your scheduled treatment in case you need to reschedule.

Do I need to be home when the Mosquito Squad arrives?

No, our technicians will leave a notice that they have performed the treatment.

Barrier Treatment

How does your traditional barrier spray work?

Our barrier spray can help to eliminate mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Our technicians strategically treat your outdoor area for optimal protection, targeting the perimeter of your yard and places where mosquitoes and other pests like to harbor. As the mosquitoes feed on the juice from the sprayed leaves, the residual spray will effectively eliminate them.

Can I get an all-natural barrier treatment instead?

Yes, you can choose our all-natural spray for your yard, but it works as a repellant and will need to be reapplied every 14 days.

Additional Services Available

Does Mosquito Squad have other treatments?

Yes, Mosquito Squad of St. Louis County offers other preventative services besides our spray treatments, including tick tubes and event treatment. Our experienced technicians can determine which treatment will best handle your mosquito or tick problem during our free consultation.

Can I use your services for my commercial business?

Yes, we also offer protection and prevention to any commercial business that uses outdoor space, such as parks, stadiums, outdoor venues, and outdoor patios.

Is there a one-time treatment option available?

Yes, if you are planning an outdoor event such as a wedding, reunion, or barbeque and would like one treatment, our experienced professionals are happy to help make your event tick and mosquito free.

Consultations and Estimates

What does it cost to meet with a Mosquito Squad service professional about your services?

Absolutely nothing. One of our trained service technicians will assess your needs, determine a treatment option, and give you a consultation absolutely free of charge. You are not obligated to proceed with our recommendation.

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